Recent publications

Kamppinen, Matti. The NPW framework for future-oriented studies of cultural agency. In B Dahla et al (Eds) The Religious and Ethnic Future of Europe. Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis 28(2018): 15-29.

Jakonen, JP & Matti Kamppinen. Kokonaisuuden näkemisen taito – johdatus integraaliseen ajatteluun (Introduction to integral thinking). Basam Books, Helsinki 2017.

Kamppinen, Matti. Ubiquitous ethnography and the description of cultural scenes. In Hanneleena Hieta et al (eds.) Rajaamatta – etnologisia keskusteluja. (Festschrift in honour of Professor Helena Ruotsala on the occasion of her 60th birthday). Ethnos-toimite 20, pp. 127-149. Ethnos, Helsinki 2017.

Jakonen, JP & Matti Kamppinen. Kohti kokonaisuuksien hahmottamista – Ken Wilberin integraaliteoria (Holistic thinking and Ken Wilber’s integral theory). In Eeva Kallio (ed.) Ajattelun kehitys aikuisuudessa (Adult cognitive development). 321-353. Publications of the Finnish Education Research Association vol 71, 2016.

Mononen, L., Auvinen, A.-P., Ahokumpu, A.-L., Rönkä, M., Aarras, N., Tolvanen, H., Kamppinen, M., Viirret, E., Kumpula, T. & Vihervaara, P. National ecosystem service indicators: measures of social-ecological sustainability. Ecological Indicators.

Kamppinen, Matti. The only way to get hold of philosophical assumptions in CSR is to analyze them. Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion. Vol 31, 2015: 63-68.

Kamppinen, Matti & JP Jakonen. Systems Thinking, Spirituality and Ken Wilber – Beyond New Age. Approaching Religion. 2(2015): 3-14.

Jakonen, JP & Matti Kamppinen. Creating Wisdom Cultures – Integral Coaching as Applied Foresight in Leadership Development. Approaching Religion. 2(2015): 15-26.

Tolvanen, Harri, Mia Rönkä, Petteri Vihervaara, Matti Kamppinen, Celine Arzel, Nina Aarras, Sirpa Thessler. Spatial information in ecosystem service assessment: data applicability in the cascade model context. Journal of Land Use Science. 11:3, 350-367, DOI: 10.1080/1747423X.2014.947642

Kamppinen, Matti. Normative rationality and the future prospects of religion education. In Peter Antes, Armin W Geertz & Mikael Rothstein (eds.) Contemporary Views on Comparative Religion. 247 – 258. Equinox, Sheffield 2016.

Arzel, Céline, Mia Rönkä, Harri Tolvanen, Nina Aarras, Matti Kamppinen & Petteri Vihervaara 2015. Species diversity, abundance and brood numbers of breeding waterbirds in relation to habitat properties in an agricultural watershed. Annales Zoologici Fennici. 52 (1-2): 17-32.

Rönkä, Mia, Céline Arzel, Harri Tolvanen, Ina-Sabrina Tirri, Matti Kamppinen, Petteri Vihervaara & Nina Aarras 2015. Kosteikko- ja vesilintujen lajirunsaus ja parimäärät sekä vesilintujen poikuemäärät maatalousalueen kosteikolla. Suomen Riista 61: 26-42 (2015).




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